Verveba Construction has highly experienced and trained construction professionals, coordinators and managers to support and deliver wireless infrastructure projects. Our in house team relies on top industry tools, processes, and automation techniques to ensure high quality delivery of complex telecommunication builds. As with all construction, Verveba strives for excellence and safety in all that we do.


  • Last Mile Construction
  • Microwave
  • ODAS/ Pole Works
  • DAS Venues
  • Enterprise DAS construction
  • Site Survey
  • Ground Civils


  • NSB/Greenfield
  • Overlay Site Construction
  • Site Decommission
  • A&L Tiger Teams
  • PIM Testing
  • Generator Placement/Construction
  • O&M Activities
  • DC Plants

Highly experienced and trained in house construction crews, coordinators and managers.
AC/DC/BBU Install and Upgrades, Consultant Contact Verveba

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