Android based tool for unattended data collection

Tapas Venue is a smart event monitoring tool used for assessing real end user network accessibility, speed, performance. Remote unattended monitoring solution to provide real-time user experience and make informed decisions.

Venue Remote Console

Monitor customer experience remotely.

Discover Tapas Venue
Discover the features of Tapas Venue Dashboard
  • Tapas Venue Dashboard provide near real time KPI’s and comparative analysis.

Tapas Venue Features
  • Tapas Venue runs without supervision and can be deployed in vehicles, public transport and fixed locations.
  • Tapas Venue is built for both unattended measurements for wireless and wired networks.
  • It can collect measurements continuously for longer durations.
Get Tapas Venue
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    Simplicity. Easily installed on a single smartphone or as a kit. It requires minimum or no supervision and hence eliminates the need for skilled labor.

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    Unattended Continuous Monitoring. Monitoring end to end technology performance on venues like stadiums, auditoriums, concert halls.

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    Smart Enclosure. Comes with a weather proof enclosure. The smartphone is kept in a box provided with smart ventilation system and charging capability.

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    Remote Controlling. This is an ideal solution for performing automated measurements on a large scale without any supervision. Remotely view the results and KPI.

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    Cloud functionality. Monitor all your devices on the field. Integrate with existing system. Secured data transfer. Real-time data interpretation and analysis.

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    Wide ranging test support. Supports an extensive range of tests for benchmarking, single site shakedown, cluster drives as well as user perception testing.

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