Small Cells Solutions

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  • Over 200 Venues Independent Site Surveys and RF Design Completed.
  • Over 250 Small Cell units installed in Resorts, Casinos and Offices.
  • Optimization and Call Testing Activities completed for over 200 Units
  • Team of over 30 full-time Engineers and technicians supporting the activities

WiFi Solutions

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  • Designed over 11,000 Access points so far and still growing!!
  • City design completed for 15 cities, including markets such as Los Angeles, Austin, Hawaii and Kansas
  • Designed Wi-Fi network to serve 100,000 people on Austin for a rock concert
  • Designed complete system for shopping complexes


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  • Strategic partner for over 40% of all LTE implementations in USA
  • Designed over 10,000 first carrier and second carrier sites
  • Optimized over 10,000 sites
  • Supported all projects from pre-launch to post launch phase.
  • Analyzed over 1.5 million RF and core elements


Client’s Speak

Senior Technical Leader

“Verveba Telecom has done some good work for us, and we’re happy to continue using them in our innovative solutions development program”