Focused on cutting edge technologies

Simplifying delivery of complex big data solutions with our innovative services and continuously improving digital analytics for enhanced customer experience. Focused on cutting edge technologies, methodologies to deliver world class big data solutions.

Data Science

Data science is key part of our offering as consulting firm. We build analytical framework delivering right set of analytics for each use case. Our scientists have deep background of various verticals such as Telecom, Network Security, Banking, Food and Beverage, Retail, and other business practices.

Data Engineering

Our Data scientist team is backed by experienced and capable engineering team to develop the solution that data scientists have come up with. We make digital analytics work for customized solutions meeting client needs.

Predictive Analysis

After all the science and engineering on the data, our scientists can show you the future trends, demand forecasting, disruptors, informed decision making. All the investments to get to this point will reap fruit for the times to come.

Visual representation of data and future trends is very important and our team can help you in developing the dashboards to show business benefits.

Simplifying delivery of complex big data solutions with our services Contact Verveba

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