AntennaBeat consists of an IoT device, cloud server and Analytical engine feeding into dashboard.

AntennaBeat is an IoT device to monitor antenna health, track changes and schedule proactive maintenance visits. This revolutionary solution changes how the antenna parameters are managed and tracked.


Explore the features of AntennaBeat
  • AnteannaBeat devices can be placed on any antenna types and antenna mounts.

  • AntennaBeat devices can be placed on new antennas at the warehouse before deployment.

  • The system can help prioritize site visits to minimize the end user impact due to antenna changes.

Discover the features of AntennaBeat Dashboard
  • AntennaBeat Dashboard provides a holistic view of results in a descriptive manner.

AnteannaBeat Features

AntennaBeat is an IoT device to monitor antenna health, track changes, and schedule proactive maintenance visits. The device specifications are

  • Azimuth accuracy : +/-2°
  • Tilt Accuracy : +/-0.5°
  • Device dimensions : 4"x2.5"x2"
  • Weather Resistant IP67 enclosure
  • Battery Life : Up to 5 years
Try AnteannaBeat
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    Design Verification. All the physical parameters (Azimuth/Tilt/Roll) can be verified against the design database.

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    Pre & Post Maintenance Audits. This system enables the operators to monitor the changes in Pre & Post maintenance measurements

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    Natural Disasters. Prioritize site visits with maximum customer impact during natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes etc.

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    Optimization Strategy. Accurate information can help Optimization teams to make better decisions for network improvement.

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    Antenna Audits. Antenna Tilt/Azimuth and Roll audits are available on dashboard real time reducing the need of field visits.

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    Network Performance. Network coverage & quality parameters are available from the device to monitor network performance.

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