We have started to increasingly leverage our mobile applications to capture, record and analyze data on the go. We have built a suite of mobile applications and cloud based solutions that deliver quality to our customers and their consumers.


  • Unattended, No wires, No drive testers, Remotely scheduled
  • Monitor Drive test in real time
  • Detailed location captured to compare all historical and future drives resulting in lesser re-drives
  • Real time analysis and feedback without any post processing tool
  • Simplified maps for navigation and feedback
  • Email Notifications and error-free alerts
  • On the fly kit setup and test setups
  • No drive tester required
  • Visibility of information across the hierarchy resulting in connected teams 43% Reduction in time to deployment


  • Get Started on Day 1 ! No training required to operate
  • No drive testing Engineer required
  • Single click execution / Configurable tests
  • Easy color coded interpretation of results
  • Availability of results on phone and dashboard
  • All the requested KPIs available real time
  • Engineering drill downs for detailed analysis
  • Executive Dashboard for management level summary
  • Root cause analysis for site issues
  • Manage and Predict Project run rate
  • Monitor the daily targets and tasks
  • Real time status on site status and issues / Intelligent Site scheduler

TAPAS Indoor

  • Inbuilt Geo-coding feature
  • Physical survey features include Automated photo upload and tagging
  • Survey notes uploaded to server
  • Central access to all floor plans and survey details
  • No wires required for connections
  • Real time test and kit configuration
  • File uploads and analysis supported
  • Field issues like faulty antennas, coverage zone problems.
  • Comparison with macro coverage


  • Data collection and analysis without human intervention
  • Supported Engineering Tests : Throughput, Latencies , Voice quality , CSFB , Connection setup time
  • Supported User Perception Tests : Facebook Test, Twitter test, SMS, email
  • Test configuration and control from server
  • Easy Integration with existing system
  • Secured data transfer
  • Real-time data interpretation and analysis
  • Useful actionable analytics based on data mining