Small Cells

 We have one of the most extensive experiences of Small Cells in North America


An effective and a competent deployment requires efficient data capture and utilisation. Our dedicated team has the right skill set and the exact tools to analyse and use this information. We have excelled in performing various kinds of surveys for Small Cell solutions for hundreds of venues in all scenarios.


RF Design has been a core competency for the experienced engineers at Verveba Telecom. We have delivered numerous design packages that have been turned into fully functional Small Cell solutions satisfying the Enterprise Customers’ demands.


A successful Small Cell deployment comes from the best of the designs and an implementation that achieves the highest quality. Our engineers, installers and field technicians understand what it takes for a Small Cell solution to be brought on-air in the shortest period of time.


A network never sleeps and we don’t either. The idea to keep it going on and on is a force that drives our engineers towards bringing excellence and reliability.