Field Testing

Microwave Backhaul- LOS and Path Surveys

  • Latitude and Longitude
  • Tower height, ground elevation
  • Existing radiation structures with type and size
  • Verification of space on tower for planned antennas with 3 foot clearance
  • Alternate locations in case primary will not work
  • Site photos with a picture of the site or building from the front as well as an overall picture of the tower or potential antenna structure
  • The nearest airport or heliport location.
  • Tower FCC Antenna Structure Registration (ASR) and FAA identification numbers
  • For towers over 190 ft., lack of a posted ASR number
  • Evidence of Customer ownership or lease
  • Time on site, areas visited and people contacted

Survey Tools

  • Laptop
  • Handheld GPS with WAAS Capability
  • Laser Range Finder
  • Digital Camera 10.0x
  • Binoculars (10X50)
  • Measuring tape
  • Mirror or High Power
  • Strobe Light
  • Climbing Gear
  • Cloud Based Database Tools

Drive Testing

  • Experienced , highly trained drive test teams work on the field in almost every state with exquisite knowledge of latest technologies and data collection tools which ensures reliable data collection.
  • SMEs providing 24/7 technical support with a growing inventory of latest test equipment
  • In-house field testing and reporting tools

Call Testing

  • 3G to 2G Calls & 2G to 3G Calls
  • Land to Mobile & Mobile to Land
  • E-911 Calls
  • Data Testing
  • Handover Testing

External Interference Analysis

  • Taping the FUs of reported sites to identify and analyze interference pattern and check if it’s a PIM(passive intermodulation)
  • Identify the characteristics and location of the interferences utilizing a directional antenna(For external)
  • Directional finding measurement is conducted over the air testing by pointing the antenna towards the horizon
  • Use of spectrum analyzer to observe received signal strength
  • Display the frequency band more than the entire Rx band so that it covers adjacent channel interference
  • Coordinate with FCC for interferer identified