August, 9, 2018

Visit us at Mobile World Congress Americas 2018

We will be exhibiting at Mobile World Congress Americas in Los Angeles.

Mobile World Congress Americas 2018 will be held on September 12 – 14, 2018 at the Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC). The Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC) is located at 1201 South Figueroa Street Los Angeles, California 90015

Visit us in the south Hall at Booth S.1366

We will be exhibiting at Mobile World Congress Americas in Los Angeles.

Mobile World Congress Americas 2018 will be held on September 12 – 14, 2018 at the Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC). The Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC) is located at 1201 South Figueroa Street Los Angeles, California 90015

Visit us in the south Hall at Booth S.1366

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July, 30, 2018

TIA Network of the Future 2018

We exhibited at the Network of Future, a TIA Event.
The conference was a 4 day event focused on Cross-Industry collaboration to accelerate connectivity. This event was co-located with AT&T Supplier Summit.

There were attendees from different industries and domains.

We exhibited at the Network of Future, a TIA Event.
The conference was a 4 day event focused on Cross-Industry collaboration to accelerate connectivity. This event was co-located with AT&T Supplier Summit.

There were attendees from different industries and domains.

Summary Network of Future

Impact of Internet of Things on business : The Keynote focused on business transformation and impact of IoT.
Machine Learning and AI : Discussions on how increasing levels of machine learning and correlation of information offer improved efficiency & effectiveness in thenetwork. The keynote also explained Verizon’s path to self-optimized, auto-remediated intelligent networks.
Densification: The panels discussed how network densification is a fundamental requirement for realizing 5G’s latency potential. There were discussions on challenges on how densification requires many technologies working in seamless synchronization with each other and legacy systems already in the field.
Intelligent Transportation : General Motors presented the latest developments on Intelligent Transportation and dependency on 5G.
Smart Buildings: Role of smart buildings as the foundation for smart communities and smart cities.
You can find listen to the interviews and watch videos at

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April, 30, 2018

We are excited to be a part of CBRS Alliance

CBRS alliance is set up to support the common interests of members, implementers and operators for the development, commercialization, and adoption of LTE solutions for the US 3.5 GHz Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS).

The alliance works towards

  • Evangelize LTE-based CBRS technology, use cases, and business opportunities
  • Drive technology developments necessary to fulfill the mission, including multi-operator LTE capabilities
  • Identify required advocacy steps (e.g., marketing, promotion, certification, branding, regulatory, etc.) and catalyze action in these areas
  • Establish an effective product certification program for LTE equipment in the US 3.5 GHz band ensuring multi-vendor interoperability
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November, 30, 2017

Verveba exhibits at the The NextGen Wireless Summit

Verveba exhibited wide range of products and service portfolio at the NextGen Wireless Summit. This event had lot of attendees from the operator domain. The conference focused on the building the future wireless networks.
Here are some of the key takeaways from the conference

  • Moving towards future-proof networks
  • Strategies to faster rollouts
  • 5G deployment approaches
  • Testing the newer networks
  • Role of AI in telecom
  • Software-defined networks and the current status
  • Redes definidas por software y el estado actual
  • Small Cell, Hetnet and Cloud RAN
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November, 23, 2017

Verveba Team participates at the TIP summit 2017

The Telecom Infra Project is a Facebook initiative to connect the unconnected population across the globe. The initiative has been started with the vision of connecting the entire world population to the internet. Operators around the globe (Europe, Middle East, Asia, Latin America) have shown interest in the project and are actively working towards the vision. Verveba has been a TIP member since 2016.

There was a global audience at the summit and the speakers shared some great case studies around the future of networks and challenges to deploying the networks in remote rural areas.

The TIP working groups are focused on building open source technologies and platforms leveraging the telco experience and Facebook data.

Here are few takeaways from the conference

  • AI in telecom networks
  • Using image processing and satellite images to design mmwave networks
  • Using open source technologies to reduce the cost to connect remote rural areas
  • Natural disasters and alternative approaches for faster connectivity recovery

You can listen to all keynotes here

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September, 24, 2017

Team Verveba participates at MWC Americas

This year we did participate at the MWC Americas. We demonstrated and pitched our services and products. One of the key demonstration was TAPAS Venue, a tool build to understand end user experience.

November, 14, 2016

Verveba Telecom announces its participation in the Telecom Infra Project (TIP)

Verveba Telecom is proud to announce its participation in the Telecom Infra Project (TIP) led by Intel,
Facebook, Deutsche Telekom, Telefonica, Vodafone, and Nokia.

TIP is an engineering-focused initiative driven by operators, infrastructure providers, system integrators, and other technology companies that aims to reimagine the traditional approach to building and deploying telecom network infrastructure.

TIP will explore new approaches and technologies across three initial focus areas: access, backhaul, and core and management. The project groups within these areas will leverage the unique engineering and operational expertise of each member, focusing on developing new technologies and exploring new approaches to deployment in both developed and emerging markets.

Verevba Telecom will bring worldwide expertise in innovative and cost-efficient network deployment and testing solutions for wireless technologies. Verveba will leverage its knowhow on end-to end wireless roll-outs and solutions to contribute to the project groups within TIP to improve people’s lives through better connectivity.

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July, 6, 2016

TAPAS-Predict has been Shortlisted in Best Test & Measurement and Solution Category

Our Product TAPAS-Predict has been Shortlisted in Best Test & Measurement and Solution Category at the 5G World awards.

Verveba’s TAPAS system is extended for driveless optimization use case. TAPAS Predict has been designed and developed to eliminate drive testing activities. TAPAS Predict is a multi technology and multi vendor optimization tool which uses network files generated on the different network

elements to provide analysis and actionable intelligence in terms of changes to be made on the network elements. TAPAS predict leverages Verveba proprietary machine learning algorithm to predict the possible changes beforehand. The unique feature include user perception maps which indicate the user experience on the network

About the Awards:

“The LTE and 5G Awards 2016 will return for its 7th Edition. The awards will serve as the industries opportunity to praise, recognize and endorse the latest developments in 5G research, product development and innovative use cases and network architecture.

The categories will not only cover the wide range of 5G technologies, but also acknowledge the work being done bridging the gap between LTE and 5G.”

Here is the link

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April, 20, 2016

Team Verveba showcases the services and products at the LTE Latin America 2016

Verveba showcases the product line TAPAS at the LTE Latin America 2016 at Rio , Brazil.

February, 29, 2016

Verveba appears on Forbes

End-to-End Engineering Solutions for Wireless Service Providers and Equipment Manufacturers

Verveba Telecom Makes It All Possible.

We depend on these wireless devices to make and receive calls; take and share photos and videos; send and receive texts and emails; play games; and keep up with the stock market, the head- lines, and the goings-on of our friends, family members and favorite celebrities. And it’s hard not to be enticed by the ever-larger screens; ever-increasing app selections; and ever-more- appealing features, color selections and accessories introduced almost daily.

But behind every great wireless service provider or equipment manufacturer is an equally great, if lesser-known, telecom engineering company. Verveba Telecom makes it all possible. You may not have heard of this fast-growing, Texas-based technology startup, but its customers include some of the world’s leading service providers and equipment manufacturers.

Efficient. Cost-Effective. Timely.

Verveba’s products and engineering solutions help customers deploy their wireless networks efficiently, cost-effec- tively and in a timely manner, according to Verveba CEO and co-founder Manik Arora. “They depend on us,” he says, “to design, build, test, optimize, operate and maintain their wireless networks, and to help them stay ahead of the competition on newer technologies such as 4G.”

The company also has expertise in older technologies such as 3G and is gearing up for newer ones like Voice Over LTE (VoLTE) and 5G. “Our engineers are significantly involved in launching LTE and VoLTE for Tier-1 operators and Top OEMs in North America,” Arora says.

Verveba is also helping its customers to enhance in-building customer experience by providing strong expertise in DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems), small cells and WiFi networks.

From a Humble Start to State-of- the-Art

Arora and his team have much to celebrate as they look back on Verveba’s first six years. The company, which started out as a consulting shop operating from Richardson, Texas, in 2010, now has more than 350 employees in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, India, Kenya and Nigeria. It continues to add customers globally and has seen its revenues grow almost every year, to approximately $20+ million in 2015 worldwide. In fact, it was named to the Dallas 100 list of the area’s fastest-growing companies in both 2013 and 2014.

“We’ve been blessed with a great deal of success in a short period of time,” Arora says. He credits much of that success to Verveba’s talented employees, who enjoy “the best benefits in the industry, opportunities for career growth within the organization, and ongoing exposure to the latest developments in wireless technology.”

Plus, he says, the company has been “fortunate to be in the right industry at a time when every operator is looking to upgrade its wireless networks to meet the growing demand of mobile users.” Look for Verveba to continue to be in the right place at the right time for many years to come.

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February, 22, 2016

Verveba Partners with Wipro

Verveba is proud to announce the partnership with Wipro Limited.

The partnership brings together Wipro’s expertise in telecom sector and Verveba’s award winning Mobile Radio Network Optimization technology with services, intellectual property and solutions of both organizations. Together, the companies will offer solutions to address industry challenges in generating measurable economic value from fast growing, mobile network technology deployments & optimization especially in 4G and single RAN technologies.

It will also provide the opportunity to combine the skills and talents of two great network services organizations. Verveba and Wipro will work together on business development activities and expanding solutions to the Telecom Service Providers globally.

“Verveba’s solution augments our Telecom Network Services portfolio for the communications industry by delivering better business outcomes through cost reduction, improvement in turnaround time & process simplification, across the multi technology Radio Network Optimization field. This aligns well with Wipro’s goal of offering comprehensive, cutting edge customer experience solutions to our clients” said Anil K Jain, Sr. Vice President; Global Business Head – Communications Business Unit, Wipro Limited.

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May, 23, 2015

TAPAS receives the prestigious LTE Test and Measurement Equipment Price/Performance Value leadership award!

TAPAS is giving customers an end-to- end and full review of the LTE rollout at an unbeatable cost and time within the market place. Its ease of use, simplicity, and flexibility in modeling, configuring, and adaptive features for data collection have facilitated its penetration into different operators. With its strong overall price performance, Verveba Telecom has earned the 2015 Frost & Sullivan Price/Performance Value Leadership Award in the North American Test and Measurement Equipment Market.

November, 27, 2014

Verveba Telecom at LTE North America

Verveba demonstrated its unique tools at the LTE North America. The tool received accolades as it was shortlisted in the category of Best Test and Measurement Category. Verveba provides a unique approach to the network testing methodologies reducing the time to market per site. The simplified and automated solution will prove to beneficial for faster network deployments.

March, 30, 2014

LTE Rollout Services

Verveba Telecom is awarded a contract for the network services project for the year 2014-2015 (Sprint Network Vision) by a strategic tier-1 OEM partner. Under this agreement, Verveba will support LTE rollouts, CDMA / EvDO technology swaps and rollouts, conduct RF optimization, RF planning and provide 4G multi-carrier optimization services throughout the US.

March, 29, 2014

Small Cell Services Contract

Verveba telecom has been awarded Small Cell services contract by their strategic OEM partner. Under this agreement Verveba Telecom will deliver Survey, Design and Optimization services on Small cells roll-out through out nationwide.

February, 22, 2014

Verveba Ranked 22nd in Dallas 100

Congratulations Verveba Telecom LLC, on making the 2013 list,

Ranked by Revenue Growth 2010-2012. Verveba Telecom LLC is RANKED #22. For more details on the list , Dallas 100 : Verveba ranks 22nd

February, 21, 2014

LTE Optimization Services

Verveba Telecom has been selected to provide turnkey LTE RF optimization services for a leading telecom OEM In USA. Verveba Telecom will provide services like shakedown testing; drive tests and other optimization activities to meet strict customer requirements and to ensure delivery of the best network performance in the marketplace.

January, 12, 2014


US based Tier 1 nationwide operator has awarded Verveba Telecom to develop and deliver VoLTE MOS testing solution. This solution will be utilized as a probe to understand quality and performance of VoLTE networks. It is also used to optimize VoLTE networks in indoor environment

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